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  • Moana Birthday Party - Part One

    Read on for a sneak peek of my tropical and colorful Moana party!
  • Birthdays During Quarantine

    When my grief about the pandemic really hit me, it was when I was looking at the box of party supplies for my older daughter's birthday party. We h...
  • Paddleboarding Birthday Party

    Who knew a paddleboarding birthday party for kids would be so fun! Well, my friend did and that's why we designed a custom paddleboarding birthday party package for her seven year old's birthday party.
  • Custom Parties for Busy Mamas

    I was just thinking about how much I love doing custom parties for busy mamas so I decided to write about it. We all want to throw a fun party that makes our child feel special even when we are overwhelmed with the amount on our plates...I love helping these busy mamas out.
  • Eight Delicious and Fun Harry Potter Dessert Ideas

    We share eight fun Harry Potter dessert ideas to help you as you plan your next HP party. These are all on theme and range from golden snitch gumballs to chocolate sorting hats. We hope you enjoy!
  • What is a Party Kit?

    What is a party box? We explain why a party in a box saves you lots of time and makes it easy to host your next party.
  • Fun and Easy Halloween Desserts

    Looking for some quick and easy Halloween dessert ideas? We share four spooky Halloween treats that will take you no time at all.
  • How to Create a Fun and Easy Halloween Party Table

    Find out how to create a fun and easy Halloween party table! It's a lot easier than it looks. Read our latest blog to learn how to create your own fabulous Halloween party table.
  • Easy Decorations for a Harry Potter Party

    Simple decorations can make a big impact. A party table looks beautiful and modern when you don't overdo it. We've kept the decorations modern and simple with our Harry Potter party box. Read more to get some fun ideas. 
  • Three Fun Ideas for Harry Potter Birthday Invitations

    We share three fun Harry Potter birthday invitation ideas to help you host an easy Harry Potter party.
  • How to Host a Creative Harry Potter Party

    Check out our fun ideas for creating a brilliant Harry Potter party! Join our party gang to get notified when I release the posts where I go into detail on each part of the party, like the Harry Potter themed dessert table and the Harry Potter party activities.
  • Hosting a Stress Free Birthday Party for Kids

    Hosting a stress free kid's birthday party is all about keeping it simple and using party resources to make it easy.