Birthdays During Quarantine

When my grief about the pandemic really hit me, it was when I was looking at the box of party supplies for my older daughter's birthday party. We have been planning her first big kid sleepover party for like six months. While I understand that's a privileged position it was still the situation that pushed me to cry about the whole situation our world it is. Once I was able to cry and I felt better and I was ready to figure out how to still make her birthday special. 

Bunny Birthday Banner

We decided to decorate the house as if we were having a party, because we still were! It was just a five person and two dog party. Ha! Our party theme was everything bunny, egg and spring. I made her a fun banner on my Cricut with egg shapes pieces and pink letters on top of that. I also added bunny ears to the eggs with 7's on them. I put together a little cluster of pink balloons on each side, to make it more festive and to hide the white tape I used to hang the banner. 😆I didn't take the time to use clear command strips like I normally do! We had it all set up when she woke up on the morning of her birthday. 

Quarantine Birthday Table Set up

We started the day with birthday pancakes, which just means sprinkles in the batter and a candle. Even if you don't do anything else, just make your usual things a little special by adding something festive. You can hang up a few balloons, or add sprinkles to something or just add a candle. It doesn't take much to make someone feel celebrated and special. 

That day we all got to make her birthday cake together. We typically get our birthday treats from Made by Marci but we are trying to limit our exposure to bringing things into our house. It was really sweet to plan out the cake and frosting recipes and let the kids make the cake. I will be honest here, it wasn't easy to manage three kids making and decorating a cake. If that is going to be too stressful for you, don't do it! Just make the cake yourself, maybe let them ice it or even just decorate it. We used jelly beans (I bought for the original party) to decorate the cake. The kids were so happy to be able to decorate it! I also made a sweet little banner with her name on it, hot glued it to a couple clear plastic skewers and that made it even more festive. You don't need any special equipment to make that, just cut out some squares (or any shape you want), write their name or celebrate or "Hoppy Birthday" for a bunny theme, etc. I'm also happy to make you something to print out and cut at home, just contact me here

Kids decorating a cake

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Jelly Beans

I set up a Zoom call so that her friends and family could sing her Happy Birthday and give her sweet wishes for her seventh birthday. It was really sweet and fun, I highly recommend doing that for all the people you are celebrating during this time. 

We also did an inside egg hunt because it was raining outside and then ended with a family sleepover in the living room. It actually turned out really fun and she felt very special and celebrated! 

I also have to include a picture of our new puppy who wore his own bunny ears. Introducing Teddy Sprinkles...

Airedale dog wearing bunny ears

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