Fun and Easy Halloween Desserts

One of our favorite parts of planning a party is deciding on the desserts! Having one or two festive desserts on your party table makes it even more appealing. A lot of professional bakers create beautiful, over the top designs but it doesn't take that kind of Halloween dessert to make a statement. I am a mother of three young children I get how full life can get and how overwhelming things can seem some times.  A big part of my mission to make parties more fun is to remind people not to take on too much. So, let's talk about how to make Halloween party desserts easy and fun! 

Halloween Party Supplies

We love the ghost cupcakes we used in our Halloween party box photoshoot. They are so cute and super easy. You can pick up chocolate cupcakes with white frosting at your local bakery or grocery store or make them at home. All you need for the decorations are chocolate chips. Use two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a regular or large chocolate chip for the mouth. That's it. 

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Another fun and easy Halloween dessert idea is to buy or make a chocolate cake, make sure it is chocolate on the inside and outside. Then buy some edible worms and have them crawling into and out of the cake. I have done this for a few Halloween parties and I always love how creepy it looks! I used the pre-made chocolate cake from Costco because it's tasty and easier than making my own. I buy the root beer flavored worms from here and then have them climbing into holes I make in the cake. They are really realistic worms! 

Halloween Cake with Worms

You've probably seen this one around, it's the easiest of all, peanut butter cup witch brooms. You need pretzel sticks and peanut butter cups, that's it! You put the pretzel stick into the peanut butter cup like it's the handle of the broom. Put it on a fun platter and you are done. These are super tasty with the salt from the pretzel and sweet from the candy. 

Candy Witch Brooms for Halloween

I'll leave you with one more quick and fun Halloween dessert, Monster Bark. You basically just melt chocolate, pour it onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and drop candy onto it. I used candy eyes, candy corn and M&M's. You let it set in the fridge for 20 minutes and once it's hard you break it into pieces. You can get really creative with the candies you choose and make it super spooky! 

How to make halloween bark


Monster Bark for Halloween

I hope this gave you some good ideas for easy and spooky Halloween desserts! Of course these sweet treats all go perfectly with our Halloween Party Box. Make your treats, buy your box and you are ready to party! 

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