Eight Delicious and Fun Harry Potter Dessert Ideas

I've been so excited to do this post because we've had so much fun with Harry Potter desserts. I love that they can be glittery and gold but also creepy and disgusting and still stay with the theme. I'm deviating from my usual mission to keep things simple and easy with some of these desserts because they are more time consuming. I have to admit that I did have the fabulous Marci from Made by Marci make many of these desserts. If you want to keep it simple and you have the budget, have an expert make these for you! If you have the time and desire, these could be a LOT of fun to make. AND as usual there are some ideas for simple and easy desserts! 

Harry Potter Party

I have to start with my favorite Harry Potter themed sweet treat, chocolate sorting hats! The kids had SO much fun breaking these open to see which house they were in, they also had fun eating them. These are surprisingly tasty. These are made with ice cream cones, chocolate, a cookie for the brim and the candies you put inside. Marci broke the cone toward the top and "glued" it back on with the melted chocolate so it looks old, wrinkled and a bit crooked like the sorting hat in Harry Potter. I didn't get a picture of the Slytherin candies but she put a green gummy snake in which was perfect, so you've gotta use the green snacks for the Slytherin hats! 

Harry Potter Chocolate Sorting Hats

I also love these Harry Potter glasses cupcakes. This is actually an easy dessert besides making the glasses. These are basic white cupcakes with glasses make out of black candy melts. You just pipe the candy melts into the shape of glasses, let them dry and very gently (they will break if you aren't gentle) put them onto the cupcake icing. Luckily Marci made a few extra for our photoshoot. :) 

Harry Potter Cupcakes

Next up is a Harry Potter classic, chocolate frogs. Now you could go overboard and find the tutorials to print out the trading cards and box but it looks fabulous to just have the frogs sitting on the party table. All you need for this is a chocolate frog mold, you can find these on Amazon, and chocolate. Some people like to add chopped nuts or crispy cereal to the chocolate but I used just melted milk chocolate that I poured into the frog mold and let it set. 

Chocolate Frogs Harry Potter

Okay, these have the worst name which is pretty fun for the theme but I am not kidding when I tell you that they were addictive! Here are the cockroach clusters. There are quite a few recipes out there for Harry Potter cockroach clusters but ours were made with chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal and pretzels so that they had a little salt to balance the sweet. You can see they had plenty of marshmallow in them too. 

Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

I typically have Marci make our cakes because hers are just next level delicious and amazing, but I decided to take on this one because it is supposed to look amateur. haha! This is like the one that Hagrid gave Harry for his 11th birthday. I made a strawberry frosting and then bought the green frosting from the store, it's the kind that comes in the plastic tube so it won't win any prizes for taste but the kids loved it. It's supposed to look like it's falling apart so I make some lines in it and misspelled it just like Hagrid did in the first Harry Potter movie. 

Harry Potter Birthday Cake from Hagrid

Chocolate wands are another quick and easy Harry Potter dessert idea that are also a hit at parties. You just dip pretzel rods about 3/4 of the into melted chocolate, then set them on a piece of wax paper while you let the chocolate harden. 

Harry Potter Chocolate Wands

If you're not into baking or just want another easy treat to fill up your party table, a super easy idea is to put out a container of gold gumballs and call them Golden Snitch Gumballs. We include one of these clear containers in our party boxes but you can find clear containers at Target. 

Golden Snitch Gumballs

Another favorite Harry Potter treat is Bertie Bott's beans. I bought regular jelly beans and then added a few boxes of Bertie Bott's to the mix so they would occasionally get a gross one! 

Bertie Bott's Beans

I hope these sweet treat ideas help you with your next Harry Potter birthday party! 

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