Hosting a Stress Free Birthday Party for Kids

Although I enjoy hosting parties, I know that most people prefer not to spend their time planning parties. In fact, I have friends who hate hosting parties and they do it only because their kids want a birthday party. There are so many resources out there to make it easy and to save you time. My advice for hosting a stress free kids birthday party is to keep it simple and follow these steps. 

1. Send an invitation. Most people send digital invitations which are free on many platforms like Paperless Post. I upload a custom digital invitation to Paperless Post that goes with my party theme. We include customized digital invitations with each one of our party boxes that you can upload and send out quickly and easily. 

2. Order a party box that has everything you need. You don't have to search for ideas, party supplies, etc. You order boxes for meals, clothes, even animal treats, do the same for your parties and make life easier on yourself. 

3. Order food from a local restaurant or grocery store. In Austin we are lucky to have many choices, but for my kid's birthday parties I typically order from Central Market. I order a tea sandwich tray and a fruit or veggie tray. I also put out chips and salsa or a fun dip. Keep it basic and simple. 

4. Order a cake or make one if you enjoy baking. If you make the cake it doesn't have to be gourmet or look like a Pinterest picture. Make a basic cake and add some fun sprinkles, kids love anything with sprinkles. 

5. Allow some time the day of the party to hang up decorations and blow up balloons or have them blown up at a local party store or grocery store. You don't want to be rushed trying to decorate because that will just put you in a bad mood. Give yourself 1-2 hours to do this so that you have time to chill for a bit before the party starts. 

6. When the party starts have fun celebrating your kid! Parties should be relaxed and fun so set that tone for your party by having fun yourself. I try to remember this no matter what kind of party I'm hosting. 

I hope this helps save you time and you can enjoy the next birthday party you host! Please reach out to us if you have questions or want some tips on your next party. 

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