How to Host a Creative Harry Potter Party

I love Harry Potter and luckily that love has been passed on to my son. When he said he wanted a Harry Potter birthday party for his seventh birthday the ideas started flowing. I went pretty over the top for his party because I love Harry Potter and I love parties.

Harry Potter Great Hall Table at Party

You don't have to love parties or love Harry Potter to put together a great Harry Potter birthday party though. I'll show you how you can put together a great party with minimal time and stress. I like to think of party planning in steps and I'll be doing subsequent posts over the next two weeks going into more detail for each step of this party so you can easily create your own brilliant (said in a British accent) Harry Potter birthday party. 

This was his first drop off birthday party so we kept the numbers fairly low. That was fun because we were able to do some cool activities and I was able to do better party favors for the kids. 

We started the party with chocolate sorting hats. The kids would break open the hat to see which house they would be in. And the hats were really tasty, they were made from chocolate and an ice cream cone. I actually had the sorting hats made with only Gryffindor colors because I bought them all Gryffindor robes. I lucked out and found the robes on sale. 

Chocolate Sorting Hats Harry Potter

Once they were in their house robes they got to pick out their wands. I made the wands out of chopsticks, glue, beads and paint. It was time consuming but I really enjoyed it. This is also something you can do as a party activity. I'll share a tutorial in another blog post. 

Ollivander's Wand Shop Harry Potter

It didn't take long for the kids to gravitate to the Harry Potter dessert table. We kept all the treats with the Harry Potter theme which was a lot of fun. I will do another post all about the dessert table with details on the treats. I used my Cricut to cut out the birthday banner but we include one you just print out in our wizard party box.  

Harry Potter Dessert Table

I had to have a photo area so that we could take pictures of our little wizards and witches in their robes and with their wands. I bought this brick looking plastic on Amazon a couple years ago. I also used it to hang in front of our front door like they were going through Platform 3/4. 

Harry Potter Party Photo wall

Next, J's acting teacher came over and led the kids in fun wizard and witch activities. That was perfect because it kept the kids occupied for the first hour. 

Harry Potter Party Activity

After they had worked up an appetite, we had pizza and fruit at the table in the Great Hall. The table was one of the coolest things about the party. We have a fabulous party resource in Austin called Enchantment Event Decor and I rent all my tables, chairs and fun extras from them. Anetta put together this awesome canopy with the hanging candles to go above the table to mimic the lighting in the Great Hall. I loved it so much and wish I had gotten even more pictures of it. 

Floating Candles in Great Hall

Harry Potter Great Hall Table with Floating Candles

Harry Potter Great Hall Table

After dinner it was time for the cake. I made a cake that looked like the one Hagrid gave Harry for his 11th birthday. I decided I could handle those decorations because it was supposed to look bad. haha. 

Harry Potter Birthday Cake from Hagrid

After the cake we played a pin the scar on Harry game. It was just like the old school pin the tail on the donkey game but we found one on Etsy to print out. The kids enjoyed it enough but it was a little boring for them at 7 and 8. My middle daughter loved it but she was only four. 

Pin the Scar on Harry Potter Game

Finally we ended the party with a Potions Class! The kids were all so excited about that because they had seen the setup when they came in. That was definitely a bit time consuming to plan for and set up but totally worth it. It was an activity that works well for kids that are a bit older. 

Harry Potter Potions Class Setup

Harry Potter Potions Class

Like I mentioned earlier, I will be posting more about each step in the party but I wanted to give you the overview first. I have to end this post with a picture of the cutest little witch at the party. 

Cutest Little Witch at Harry Potter Party

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