Moana Birthday Party - Part One

I am so excited about my youngest's fourth birthday. Unfortunately we are still in the midst of the pandemic so we will only be having it as a drive by birthday party. But I'm choosing to look for the good things in life instead of focusing on the hard things right now. My littlest is a big fan of Moana and wants a Moana party so that's what we are going to do! I feel like kids right now deserve to be celebrated even more than usual. I wanted to share what I've done so far to prepare for the party and I'll do another post to share photos of the actual event. 

First thing I like to start with is the invitation. I love uploading my own design onto Paperless Post. I really like to keep the characters to a minimum and just focus on the pretty tropical colors and flowers. You can see in the photo below that I had fun with all the tropical greenery and that fun Moana font. 

Moana Birthday Invitation next to an orange hibiscus flower

After the invitation is out then I start to work on the party plan which includes decorations, food/drinks and goodies to give out. I know some people don't like to give out goodie bags and I totally get that but I like to give one or two special things as parting gifts. For this party I have ordered Heart of Te Fiti cookies and I also got light teal colored bubble wands on sale at Michaels. I will also put out colorful leis on our fence for friends who walk or bike by to grab. It will make our fence look prettier too. 

I love her birthday banner with the tropical leaves, bright letters and the mini hibiscus flowers!

Moana Birthday Banner with tropical leaves and hibiscus flowers

I'm going to hang the banner on our house next to some big paper hibiscus flowers. These were really fun to make and I love how they turned out. When I share the party post I will share how I got them to stick on the house. 

Large paper hibiscus flowers in pink orange yellow and purple

Well that is my little sneak peek so far of the Moana birthday party plans, I can't wait to show the final party pictures. If you are hosting a Moana party and would like any help with decorations, please contact me





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