Custom Parties for Busy Mamas

I was just thinking about how much I love doing custom parties for busy mamas so I decided to write about it. We all want to throw a fun party that makes our child feel special even when we are overwhelmed with the amount on our plates...I love helping these busy mamas out. That is the person I was imagining when I started Treat Party Boutique. We get so busy that we don't feel like we even have the head space to think about party themes and colors and all the things we need to buy that go with that theme. This is where I have the most fun. I talk to the mama, find out if there is already a theme their child has requested, ask their favorite colors, the party location and how much they want to decorate.  I can do basic or over the top but I find that most people just want a simple, fun party that their kid will enjoy.

Okay, onto to the fun part, the custom themes. The most recent custom parties have been a paddle boarding party and an 80's skating party. We are in Austin and paddle boarding is definitely a thing here but I hadn't heard of anyone doing a paddle boarding party for kids...well it was amazing. The parents had to attend with kids but they had as much fun as the kids. The birthday girl likes blues and purple so we went with that for the tableware and decorations. There weren't a lot of options for where we could put party decorations and the parents had to bring their own folding table but we ended up with a very festive set up. 

Paddleboarding Party Decorations

Paddleboarding Party

The family had already sent out an email to invite everyone so they didn't need an invitation but I put together a thank you note and birthday banner with this fun paddle boarding image. 

Paddleboarding Party Thank You Note

The next custom theme (which will probably have to become a theme kit) is very near and dear to my heart. It's an 80's themed skate party followed by a sleepover. I love it so much for many reasons, but the main one is that I used to have skating and sleepover parties in the 80's for my own birthday! We would go to Playland Skate in Austin and then have a sleepover party at my house. It was the best. I'm so excited to be creating a custom party kit for a little girl doing the same thing! I also LOVE these colors and shapes, they are so colorful and fun. 

80s thank you note

The party hasn't happened yet but I'll update this post with more pictures after the party! 

If you have your child's birthday party coming up but no time, please reach out to me. I would love to create a custom party for your little one! 



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